boldRM™ leverages both technology solutions and human design expertise to increase a home’s value, accelerate its time to market, and reduce time to sale through providing a streamlined, end-to-end home staging services to real estate developers and agents.
They had an existing website and since they are looking to expand, they wanted to revamp their branding and develop a new landing page for their mobile app. The goal is to stay away with ultra-luxury and have a cleaner, younger, more modern look for their brand.
The brand mark features a circle with a monogram of their brand's initials - "b" and "R." boldRM™'s purpose is not only to impact the value of a single home, but to impact the value of the surrounding communities, so we made sure to incorporate elements such as locator, room corner, and circle — a symbol for community.

The circle also doubles as a camera lens, symbolizing the final end of their streamlined home staging services which is professional marketing photography.
Their mobile app's Landing Page was strategically planned and created to be straightforward, comprehensible, and concise. This allows them to present only relevant information, highlight the major benefits, and spark their target audience's curiosity so they proceed to download the app.
Check out their brand guidelines below:
"She exceeded our expectations. Marie has a very systematic approach and walks her clients through a process that helps to uncover the unique brand identity they are seeking. She delivered a fantastic brand guide that has provided our designers, marketing team, and developers with the necessary resources to keep our company aligned.​​​​​​"

Andrew Callejo, MBA
Co-Founder - BoldRM™
I am Marie and I am on a mission to create impactful brands that attract high-ticket deals for modern-day Founders and CEOs through my strategy-driven ECO Method.

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