LemmyChat is a digital marketing service provider helping relationship coaches and entrepreneurs qualify leads + save time and money through automating messages.
We developed their brand name, logo, color palette, font hierarchy, and social media templates, and established their brand guidelines to ensure consistent use of brand assets across their platforms.
The initial brand name was LeMoment Media, but after a few brand clarity sessions and research, we came up with LemmyChat to give a more personal touch to the brand.
Cloud, time, chat bubble, and notification — these elements were carefully incorporated and combined into a unique, iconic logo that symbolizes what the brand is all about, which is message automation through messenger chatbot.
Check out their brand guidelines below:
"Her exquisite taste and creativity in designing are not only her selling point but also working with her feels so light and easy. It's amazing how she makes something from scratch into something strategically beautiful that exceeded my expectations. She made my thoughts and wants for my brand into reality. "

Lemmy Salubre
Founder - LemmyChat
I am Marie and I help e-commmerce brands and entrepreneurs stand out so they can attract their target market and increase their sales through my conversion-driven ECO Method.

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