Sunny Coral Properties, LLC is a real estate investor based in Florida and Texas offering a fast, easy, and stress-free way for clients to sell their home.
We developed their Landing Page and Funnel Strategy that allows them to establish an online presence, easily qualify potential clients, and automatically gather leads.
Since Sunny Coral Properties, LLC wants to execute the modern way of doing business, the strategy in developing their landing page involved creating a Lead Form that allows them to qualify leads through a set of preliminary questions. This allows Sunny Coral to filter inquiries and save time booking appointments.
We also setup a simple Welcome Email Automation containing a Lead Magnet dedicated to Florida and Texas residents who are not yet ready to sell their home but are already thinking about it.
Having this will allow them to nurture their leads, establish their credibility in the real estate industry, and gain trust so that clients will remember them once they are ready for business.
"My favorite part working with Marie is our video conference calls to discuss the current phases of the project. She attentively listened to my needs and over delivered every single time, not to mention, she is excellent at giving feedback in a timely and constructive manner. I trust Marie’s judgement to the point where I consistently request her expertise."

Viota L Senghor
Founder - Sunny Coral Properties
I am Marie and I am on a mission to create impactful brands that attract high-ticket deals for modern-day Founders and CEOs through my strategy-driven ECO Method.

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